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Streamline admin commands with environment variables

By Charlotte Holt posted Fri May 12, 2023 02:41 PM


Environment variables make your Cloud Pak for Data installation and upgrade processes easier and save you a ton of time! Environment variables are variables that describe your environment, such as project names or storage classes. You can recognize them from their ${VARIABLE_NAME} format.

To set up environment variables, you create and source a script that includes the environment variables you need. Then, as you move through the installation or upgrade flows, you’re able to run commands by copying and pasting them directly from our documentation.

You might also see environment variables used in commands in service-specific tasks that you want to complete. Overall, creating the environment variables that are included in our documentation allows you to run commands more quickly and with fewer potential for errors.

For more information about environment variables, see Setting up installation environment variables in the Cloud Pak for Data documentation.