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The IBM Data Replication on Cloud Beta is taking registrations

By Bharath Chari posted Tue October 20, 2020 04:25 PM

After close to a year of development, the "Next Gen Replication" beta that is delivered as a service on the IBM Cloud is landing in Q1 2021. In case you've been missing out on all the Replication on Cloud plans, the Beta with planned Q2 2021 GA is intended to address on-premises to cloud and cloud to cloud real time, low impact replication use cases which are increasingly being seen in our conversations with clients for enriching big data systems and mobile applications
Until now, enterprises have had to install, maintain and update their replication components, either on-prem or the cloud.  Moreover, pricing was based on the size of the sources and sometimes the targets.  So, let's say that if you were only replicating a subset of the data within a source (say 2 out of 400 tables), organizations would still end up paying for the overall size of the source (in this case 400 tables). Well, our vision of the next generation of IBM Replication will change that!

Click on the link below to find out more details and to find out how you could
save 10-30% of licensing costs, compared to existing license models.
Find out more details and signup for the Beta