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Business Lineage in IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

By Andrzej Wróbel posted Fri April 07, 2023 11:53 AM


Almost a year ago, Business Lineage feature was added to Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC) version 4.5. This component is critical for understanding what journey data takes from its source system down to ultimate target systems. Presented assets are improved with focus on business users. Due to native integration with WKC Glossary component we can surface business terms assigned to technical assets. We can also filter that view by selecting classifications and understanding which assets do not align to organisation defined standards.
For more details how to use this feature in Catalog View check detailed article
In order to understand the API being used to populate this data refer to
This API is being leveraged by Metadata Import and MANTA integration and look forward to next blog that will provide more examples on using this API.