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CGOC to Think Tank FAQ

By Aliye Ozcan posted Wed June 24, 2020 11:47 AM


Are you joining the DataOps ThinkTank from the CGOC?

Below are some frequently asked questions about the migration, for any additional questions please feel free to reach out to me at .


  1. What is happening?

IBM is migrating the CGOC to a community-based platform called the DataOps Think Tank. 


  1. Why is this happening?

In the age of virtual events and meetings, IBM is investing in digital communities to enable more dynamic interactions and more effective knowledge-sharing with peers, subject matter experts, and thought leaders. The new platform includes the ability to host forums, self-managed webinars, virtual meetups and workshops, and member-created resources, including blog posts. The DataOps Think Tank will provide CGOC members better and faster access to a greater amount of relevant information.


  1. What is the DataOps Think Tank, and why is it a great fit for CGOC members?

Data is now an organization’s most valuable asset, and developing the competency to know, trust and use data effectively involves legal, records, compliance, analytics, privacy, security and IT professionals, as well as business users. 


With its goal to automate and accelerate the orchestration of people, processes and technology for delivering trusted, business-ready data to data consumers, operations, applications and artificial intelligence (AI), DataOps will have a direct impact on all these information stakeholders. DataOps is all about delivering trusted data from data sources to these data consumers fast. From a DataFirst Garage methodology to identifying the most pressing data projects with business KPIs, defining people skills and organizational structures, the Think Tank is open to thought leaders, from practitioners and consultants to business professionals.


The DataOps Think Tank allows CGOC members to continue to gain peer insights while educating themselves about data issues by asking questions, responding to each other's posts, and sharing content. The Think Tank will also serve as an archive of content created by CGOC members.


  1. Who will run the DataOps Think Tank?

The DataOps Think Tank will be hosted by:


While the goal is for the community to become self-sustaining, CGOC members should feel free to reach out to Aliye or Paul, who welcome their comments.


  1. What if I’m not an IBM user? 

Although the DataOps Think Tank will be accessed through the IBM Community home page and provides easy access to many of the other IBM-focused communities, the DataOps Think Tank is open to all executives interested in DataOps and related topics. Since this is a self-managed Think Tank community, there will be no focused discussions around IBM or other products.


  1. What if I’m interested in other CGOC-related topics besides DataOps?

DataOps covers all issues related to the governance and compliance of data for operational, analytics, test data management, and application use cases on hybrid cloud environments. As a dynamic, self-managed community, the DataOps Think Tank makes it easy for CGOC members to continue having discussions around the issues that matter most to them – while also enabling them to explore how DataOps will help them overcome some of the most difficult technical and business data challenges they face. 


  1. What will happen to CGOC resources, such as proceedings and reference guides? 

CGOC resources from the last two years, such as the updated CGOC Information Governance Process Maturity Model, as well as some still highly relevant older resources, such as the Information Lifecycle Governance Leader Reference Guide, have been migrated to the DataOps Think Tank, so members will continue to be able to download and share them, while also sharing new content with the group.   


  1. What about CGOC events?

As a corporate sponsor, IBM has always supported and funded the CGOC in co-producing events and will continue hosting events of value to the DataOps Think Tank membership in the form of virtual webinars. 


Ultimately, you, the DataOps Think Tank community, will be the driving force behind new events and programs.