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IBM Infosphere Data Replication Now Targets Yugabyte DB and SingleStore DB

By Alex Klufas posted Wed June 21, 2023 10:31 AM


The IBM Data Replication team is excited to announce that you can now target SingleStoreDB and YugabyteDB using IBM Infosphere Data Replication. Now you can deliver near real time data to two new databases that allow you to build and run data intensive applications and tap into the resilient and scalable architecture of the cloud. 


What is SingleStoreDB?

SingleStoreDB is a high powered SQL database for data intensive applications. With SingleStoreDB, you can now pull together previously siloed transaction and analytics data and utilize that data for real time analytics. Access to real time data and analytics means faster business decisions. In addition, SingleStoreDB scales to your workload -- reducing data bottlenecks in legacy systems and modernizing your data governance.


Targeting SingleStoreDB from CDC is a great way to build data intensive applications on top of legacy data. 


What is YugabyteDB?

Yugabyte is an open source, cloud native SQL database. With YugabyteDB, you can bridge your data between legacy systems and their hybrid cloud approach. Yugabyte's scalable and resilient database architecture means that data in Yugabyte is continuously available for your modernization and data streaming needs. 


Targeting YugabyteDB from CDC is a great way for anyone to utilize the power of legacy solutions while embracing the cloud.


How do I target YugabyteDB or Singlestore?

In order to target SingleStore or Yugabyte DB using CDC, you will use the Flexrep Engine and a JDBC driver. More information can be found in our documentation here.