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Yes to AppID Support on Cloud Pak for Data as-a-Service

By Abolaji Adesoji posted Fri March 17, 2023 01:41 PM


Cloud Pak for Data as-a-Service (CPDaaS) now supports AppID which allows clients to easily self-serve their authentication for more flexible data and SaaS traffic security  using SAML, LDAP, OpenID Connect, and other SSO mechanisms.

To offer greater authentication flexibility, we designed additional self-service authentication options, in addition to the traditional SSO-based mechanisms IBM supported (IBMid federation). This helps client’s CPDaaS account configuration adhere better to their security standards, given the potentially sensitive nature of the data they process. Our support fully spans the following services — Watson Knowledge Catalog, Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, and Watson openScale. So, we now offer AppID as another way to set up your company’s identity provider federation that is entirely self-serve.

For more information on how to use AppID, read the CPDaaS AppID Documentation. To get started with Cloud Pak for Data as-a-Service, visit our platform home page today. For more content, check out our Cloud Pak for Data IBM Community page and our Cloud Pak for Data Medium page.