On Demand Webcast: Informix 14.10 Now Supports Common Table Expressions!

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On Demand Webcast: Informix 14.10 Now Supports Common Table Expressions! 

Wed May 27, 2020 01:37 PM

Download the slides below.

You can watch the full recording here.

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Aggregate and generate real-time reports on OLTP data with zero impact to OLTP applications and without polluting buffer pool with expensive analytic queries. Other use cases  include 1) Data transformations 2) Update external systems like MQTT, Hadoop and Graph databases 3) Replicate data for tables that do not have primary key, unique index or ER key.

Common Table Expressions (CTE) are a SQL standard feature,  CTE simplify queries and make queries more readable.   Use recursive CTE to query hierarchical data, and tree/graph structured data.  Also, you can do programming tasks with CTE.

Join this session to hear more about and see a demo with Informix 14.10 release support of:

  • Non-recursive CTE
  • Recursive CTE
  • Nested recursive CTEs in one query
  • CTE with Insert, Update, Delete statements



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