Webinar: Scale analytics and AI with Netezza SaaS on AWS and watsonx.data

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When:  Nov 7, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


Netezza Performance Server as a fully managed service on AWS is IBM’s cloud-native enterprise data warehouse designed to operationalize BI, deep analytics, and AI workloads, combined with the simplicity of the AWS cloud. Enable cost-predictability in the cloud with AI-infused granular elastic scaling, share data in open format such as Parquet and Iceberg, and augment workloads for price and performance with IBM watsonx.data integration.

Hear from Conestoga Wood Specialties Business Intelligence Development Manager, Karen Loose, Netezza Program Director, Hemant Suri, and AWS Senior Solution Architect, Mark Brown, on the benefits and use cases of this new offering, integrations with AWS, see a demo, and learn how to get started today.

  • Intro to Netezza SaaS on AWS: benefits, features, and use cases – Hemant Suri
  • Better together: Netezza native integration with watsonx.data lakehouse to share data and optimize workloads for price and performance – Hemant Suri
  • AWS Integrations: Learn about how to use AWS capabilities such as S3, Glue, and EMR to prepare and store data for analytics and AI and scale workloads with Netezza and watsonx.data on AWS – Mark Brown
  • Client testimonial: How Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer, Conestoga, modernized to Netezza SaaS on AWS for analytics and AI at scale with a new cloud-native architecture – Karen Loose
  • Q&A

For existing Netezza Mako and Hammerhead (Cloud Pak for Data System) customers and AWS customers, applications deployed on-premises can run seamlessly and unchanged in the cloud on AWS.

Key Speakers

Hemant Suri, Program Director, IBM Netezza Performance Server
Hemant Suri is a Data Management Product Leader for the Netezza Business Portfolio, including Netezza SaaS and On-premise Cloud Pak for Data System Appliance, legacy Netezza (PureData System for Analytics).

Mark Brown, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Mark Brown is an AWS Senior Partner Solutions Architect on AWS’ IBM Strategic Alliance Team, specializing in IBM Data & AI software product lines. Mark has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry including AIX and Linux OS development, chairmanship of the FSF Gnu C Library Steering Committee, and membership on the IEEE POSIX and Austin Group standards organizations.

Karen Loose, Business Intelligence Development Manager, Conestoga Wood Specialties

For her 26-year tenure at Conestoga Wood Specialties, Karen has integrated her experiences in Customer Service and Business Intelligence to cultivate a "customer centric - data analytic" approach. She is responsible for equipping customers with precisely tailored tools, enabling them to make informed, strategic, and timely business decisions that drive tangible benefits. Karen will discuss her experience with IBM’s Cognos Analytics and Netezza Performance Server as a Service on AWS, which have been instrumental in achieving Conestoga’s analytics and future AI goals.