Webinar: Introducing Data Synchronization for Amazon RDS for Db2 and QReplication

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When:  Jul 31, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


Amazon RDS for Db2 is a fully managed Db2 database service that allows users to quickly set up, operate, and scale Db2 on AWS while retaining the power, flexibility and compatibility of Db2. It combines the best of Amazon RDS and Db2. IBM’s QReplication, a core technology of the IBM Data Replication portfolio, captures Db2 database changes as they happen and delivers these to Db2 target databases ensuring both databases are synchronized with zero impact on the source system.

Learn more about the technical capabilities of this new feature, enabling organizations to:

  • Improve business insight: Feeds real-time, business-critical data into the Db2 target database for live reporting, further processing and analytics
  • Support continuous availability: Synchronized Db2 Database provides continuous availability for business-critical applications in the event of planned or unplanned outages of the Db2 source database 
  • Enhance workload distribution: Enables load balancing for scalability and data proximity to clients

Key speakers

Ned Whelan, Product Manager - Amazon RDS for Db2, IBM

Nishant Moorthy - Software Engineer, IBM

Nishant is a Software Engineer in IBM Data Replication product development at the IBM Silicon Valley laboratory, He works closely with IBM clients to help them deploy and leverage new replication offerings.