Accelerate Db2 performance and manage Db2 for z/OS health with Db2 AI for z/OS

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When:  Sep 26, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

IBM Db2 AI for z/OS helps simplify database management efforts and enhance system performance by embedding AI into Db2 for z/OS.

Join this webcast to learn how you can leverage machine learning to help improve operational performance and maintain the health of Db2 for z/OS. You will hear how the Db2 AI for z/OS technology can simplify database management efforts through built-in domain expertise to help deliver optimal Db2 for z/OS performance, reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness – even under the most demanding circumstances.

The webcast will be hosted by Akiko Hoshikawa, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Db2 for z/OS and AI Product Development. Akiko will introduce you to the key capabilities of Db2 AI for z/OS host a panel that will share recent client experiences and feedback.