Webinar: Scale analytics and AI across the enterprise with the next generation of Db2 Warehouse

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When:  Oct 24, 2023 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (ET)


The next generation of the cloud-native Db2 Warehouse on AWS meets your price and performance objectives for always-on workloads, enables responsible data sharing with open formats without duplication or ETL, and enables a singular view of your analytics and AI estate with IBM watsonx.data. Benefits of Db2 Warehouse include:

  • 4x faster query performance with 34x lower storage costs
  • Support for open data formats to enable collaboration in a whole new way
  • Reduce data warehouse costs and optimize workloads for your price performance needs with Db2 and watsonx.data’s fit-for-purpose query engines

Hear from AWS Partner Solution Architect, Eduardo Monich Fronza, and Db2 Warehouse Product Manager, Aniruddha Joshi, on the benefits and use cases of this new offering, integrations with AWS, demo, and learn how to get started today.

  • Intro to Db2 Warehouse SaaS on AWS: benefits, features, and use cases – Ani Joshi
  • Better together: Db2 Warehouse native integration with watsonx.data lakehouse to share data and optimize analytics and AI workloads for price and performance – Ani Joshi
  • AWS Integrations: Learn about how to use AWS capabilities such as S3, Glue, and EMR to prepare and store data for analytics and AI and scale workloads with Db2 Warehouse and watsonx.data on AWS. See how watsonx.data can connect to all your data anywhere, including AWS databases such as AWS RDS for PostgreSQL through our native Presto connector – Eduardo Monich Fronza
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Key Speakers

Aniruddha Joshi - Sr Product Manager –Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, IBM Data & AI IBM, Data & AI

Eduardo Monich Fronza - Partner Solutions Architect, AWS