Cloudera Tech Talk: Universal Data Distribution with Cloudera DataFlow

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When:  Dec 7, 2022 from 08:00 AM to 09:30 AM (PT)

IBM and Cloudera…Better Together!

Cloudera DataFlow is now part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Partner Catalog. As an integral part of IBM’s data fabric, Cloudera DataFlow will allow you to unleash deeper insights that reach your end points faster!   

Join IBM and Cloudera on Wednesday, December 7th, 2022 11am-12:30pm ET/8am-9:30am PT for our Universal Data Distribution with Cloudera DataFlow Tech Talk, led by Michael Kohs, Director of Product Management at Cloudera.

 During this 90-minute session including Q&A, we will discuss:

  • Data movement/data integration challenges that every organization faces in hybrid environments.
  • How to solve data movement/data integration challenges in a universal way using Cloudera DataFlow
  • How DataFlow Deployments allows you to run your NiFi data flows with auto-scaling, push-button NiFi upgrades, CI/CD integration, and advanced KPI monitoring.
  • How DataFlow Functions allows you to run NiFi data flows on serverless compute engines (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions) for event-driven use cases.

How the brand new DataFlow Designer makes it even easier for developers to build data flows.

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