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Visit the new Oracle to IBM migration webpage

  • 1.  Visit the new Oracle to IBM migration webpage

    Posted Tue September 15, 2020 05:48 PM

    Now is the time to migrate to IBM  - Visit the webpage 

    Our IBM customers are experiencing big savings and seamless integration when migrating from Oracle to an IBM database. IBM database options are providing the framework for AI initiatives, helping our customers to aggregate their data under a hybrid cloud infrastructure with self-service analytics and integrated governance.

    IBM is offering two options for customers to migrate from Oracle, EDB  based Postgres with IBM and IBM Db2. With either option, expert advice, a single point of contact, a global presence and an integrated platform experience is provided.

    Migration option 1:

    EDB with IBM allows customers to run applications on a security-rich, enterprise-class database, based on open source PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL offers a multi-model database management system that combines traditional relational capabilities with document and other NoSQL capabilities.

    Migration option 2:

    IBM Db2 is designed to provide high performance, data availability, and reliability. Features include in-memory technology, advanced management and development tools, storage optimization, workload management, actionable compression, and continuous data availability.


    5 key considerations when moving Oracle workloads to cloud (PDF, 193 KB).

    Build an enterprise-ready, modern data architecture based on open source

     Db2 on IBM cloud Pak for Data

    Holly Vatter