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Rosetta Update and Mac Arm incompatibility?

  • 1.  Rosetta Update and Mac Arm incompatibility?

    IBM Champion
    Posted Fri November 10, 2023 09:54 AM

    A co-worker pointed out there was an announcement from Docker that the new Docker 4.25 desktop has a GA release of Rosetta for Linux with a more near native emulation. I know in the past that some folks could get inconsistent results with Db2 on Mac M1/2 chips with Rosetta as an experimental feature. I wonder if the improvements close that gap. 

    I've been holding on to my older than dirt Macbook on Intel because of this so I can't test. I would be curious what you find if anyone else here can test it out.

    Michael Krafick (Twitter: @mkrafick)
    IBM Champion for Data and AI