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Informix processing "freezes"

  • 1.  Informix processing "freezes"

    Posted Mon November 20, 2023 11:05 PM

    Hi all, wanted to ask some advice around some recent Informix "freezes" we've experienced lately.  on two occasions we've had cases where Informix has frozen for several minutes resulting in the business application also freezing.  the situation has resolved itself after a few mins, but has caused frustration, understandably, for our users.  These issues have occurred during normal trading hours, during busier times.

    On the latest occasion investigations indicate that a database checkpoint took a long time to complete (Total Time = 745) with very low Avg/Sec for Physical and Logical Logs (70 and 62, respectively).  We also see very little other DB activity during this period consistent with the DB freeze (log rolls take almost twice as long as other log rolls around that time), and CPU activity drops during the 'freeze' (perhaps indicating no other non DB activities causing CPU maxing etc.).

    Assumption is that informix has halted other DB activity to complete the checkpoint, or perhaps perform a rollback?

    We're running a bunch of onstat commands to get a baseline, e.g. -x, -k, -p, -g ses, -u, but hard to see anything that sticks out.

    There has to be an underlying cause, but any suggestions as to where to dig deeper / review?  

    Many thanks. Mark

    Mark Clayton

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