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  • 1.  DSNRLMTxx entry not honoring by threads/connection

    Posted Thu April 06, 2023 08:28 AM


    I was trying to use USER ID (RLFEUID) & Client Workstation name (RLFEUWN) in DSNRLMTxx table to control any connections from a particular remote server , but it is not working . Manual says , DSNRLMTxx takes precedence over DSNRLSTxx and we can have combination of user id and client workstation name to control any thread/connections. Even I tried to use only user id , it does not work. I used RLFFUNC = '8' .

    It looks like , thread is not checking DSNRLMTxx, it works with DSNRLSTxx but we can not use User id / Client workstation name combination there .

    Anyone know any specific settings to be used to recognize DSNRLMTxx ?

    Amarendra Deka
    DBA Lead, CSG International

  • 2.  RE: DSNRLMTxx entry not honoring by threads/connection

    Posted Sat April 08, 2023 05:06 AM

    Are the CLIENT_USERID and CLIENT_WRKSTNNAME special registers actually set up? 


    James Campbell

  • 3.  RE: DSNRLMTxx entry not honoring by threads/connection

    Posted Mon April 10, 2023 02:52 AM

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your reply John !

    Yes, it is . Current CLIENT_USERID is the one whatever present in DSNRLMTxx table. For testing I am using only RLFFUNC = '8' , USER ID (RLFEUID) and ASUTIME = 0 keeping all other fields blank.
    Interesting thing is , if I run something using SPUFI, I am getting ASUTIME error for DSNRLMTxx , but while using from IBM Data Studio I can run anything without any ASUTIME issue for the same ID .

    Amarendra Deka