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The Mid-America Db2 User Group is a community of Db2 professionals in the Midwestern United States. The group is a composite of five Db2 Regional User Groups (RUGs), including: Chicago, Omaha, St. Louis, Twin Cities, Wisconsin, and beyond.  The group meets several times per year to provide enablement, education, information exchange, and networking across the participating users. 


A Leadership Team, consisting of group members (invested companies, vendors, and IBM representatives), has been established to facilitate the operations of the community. This team, driven by the feedback of the community, strives to establish current and meaningful presentations and DB2 events that support Db2 / Information Management career growth as well as effective utilization of Db2 and surrounding technologies.


Goals of the group:


To establish channels for the education of members working with the Db2 database management system and the communications of database related information to and from members in the group.


To conduct conferences, meetings, discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and other programs concerned with the development and exchange of information among members of the group.


To encourage and strengthen participation of all qualified users.

To promote the acceptance of Db2 as a standard database technology across platforms and solutions.

For questions, contact:

St. Louis:
Scott Follmer (SFollmer@express-scripts.com)
Paul Bartak (pbartak@rocketsoftware.com)
Tom Glaser (tglaser@rocketsoftware.com)

Doug Partch (partch@gmail.com)

Midwest (Chicago Area):
Sheryl Larsen (smlsql@comcast.net)

Theo Poole (theopooledore@gmail.com)
Shelley Mizerak (Shelley.Mizerak@gmail.com)
Colleen Voigt (cvoigt@glhec.org)
Rob Badger (robert.badger@usbank.com)

IBM Liaison & Minnesota Twin Cities
Rick Reznikov (rick.reznikov@ibm.com)


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