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  • 1.  libbsapsm.dll missing

    Posted Thu September 29, 2022 09:09 AM
    I am learning Informix from scratch. I installed Informix 14 Express Edition on Windows Server 2019. Now I'm trying to use "archecker" but it can't work because it needs "libbsapsm.dll". But there is no such dll in my informix folder.
    Where can I download it?

    Alexander Ivanov


  • 2.  RE: libbsapsm.dll missing

    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu September 29, 2022 09:25 AM
    That file is part of the full install, so you should find it in %INFORMIXDIR%/lib

    Make sure that INFORMIXDIR is defined in your environment and that %INFORMIXDIR%/lib is included in the library search path setting (don't remember what that variable is in Windows - for most Unix's including Linux it would be LD_LIBRARY_PATH - check the machine notes in %INFORMIXDIR%/release).

    Art S. Kagel, President and Principal Consultant
    ASK Database Management Corp.

  • 3.  RE: libbsapsm.dll missing
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    IBM Champion
    Posted Thu September 29, 2022 09:56 AM
    So welcome to Informix first!

    libbsapsm.dll is under %informixdir%\bin directory, not lib, on Windows - for a reason I'm not quite clear about right now.

    The fact that you're hitting this problem trying archecker would implicate you already successfully created a backup  - which also would have utilized this dll. Correct? And if so, did you use onbar or ontape?

    So problem might be archecker.exe specifically looking for the lib at a place where it doesn't reside?
    Maybe copying the lib to the lib directory would solve this?

    Apart from all this: considered using Informix on Linux rather than Windows, or any particular reason it should be Windows?


    Andreas Legner

  • 4.  RE: libbsapsm.dll missing

    Posted Thu September 29, 2022 10:22 AM
    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    I have a new job, and my first task is to change 9 informix to 14 on a very important program. And management insists on Windows servers.

    I installed Informix workstation version 14 on another server and there is "libbsapsm.dll" in the %informixdir%\bin folder. I think it's because the first time I didn't install the Onbar utility, because of instructions that old administrator leave to me.

    Alexander Ivanov