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Downloading and initial configuration of Db2 .NET NuGet Packages

By Hosathota Vishwanatha posted Sun July 12, 2020 11:33 PM


The article lists the basic information needed to use the Db2 .NET Driver packages. The write up captures the important information on choosing the Db2 .NET drivers, downloading and configuring them for first use. The document will not go into any specific application scenarios as they are covered in detail in other blogs.

Recommended latest IBM Db2 .NET drivers

For .NET 8 based applications
Db2 .NET driver for Microsoft .NET 8
IBM EntityFrameworkCore for .NET 8

For .NET 6 and .NET 7 based applications
Db2 .NET driver for Microsoft .NET 6 and .NET 7 (The package name is Net.IBM.Data.Db2
IBM EntityFrameworkCore for ,NET 6 and .NET 7

For .NET Framework based applications
EntityFramework 6.4 (For .NET Framework)

Supported platforms and download link for Db2 .NET 6,  .NET 7 and .NET 8 Packages

Supported Operating Systems:

  1. Windows x64
  2. Linux AMD64(known exception Alpine Linux)
  3. MacOS
  4. Linux on IBM Z (new)
  5. Linux for Power - ppc64le (new)

All packages are available for download from NuGet repository and only listed packages are supported and are to be used.

License requirements

.NET Version

License version

To be placed at

.NET 6 and above




  • The VERSION above corresponds to NuGet package version and examples include and
  • For Db2 .NET 6 and above, the value packages\\ should be replaced by packages\\
  • On Azure Environment, the environment variable DB2_COMMON_APP_DATA_PATH should be set to be a writable location. This is one of the common issues noticed in recent times for license error -1598. After setting the above environment variable, its important to make sure the path has write permission.

Related Db2 .NET package blogs

For .NET Core packages, follow the below link to get started and explore more scenarios with Db2 .NET Core packages.

Getting started with IBM Db2 .NET NuGet packages

Breaking changes in Db2 .NET 6

  • There is a change in the package name for .NET runtime and is changed to Net.IBM.Data.Db2. This name will remain same for future versions also.
  • In some docker related scenarios, the path of clidriver\bin may need to be added to path variable.

Known limitations

Please refer to known limitations page for set of known limitations.

For any queries on these packages, please use Contact owners option in NuGet repository.

Last updated on 6th June 2024