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Db2 Warehouse 11.5.9 Beta is released today on Standalone OpenShift and Kubernetes

By VIJAYA KATIKIREDDY posted Thu August 31, 2023 11:20 PM


The Db2 Warehouse 11.5.9 Beta release supports the use of DATALAKE tables, providing users with access to data that is stored in open data formats like PARQUET and ORC.

This release also supports Native Cloud Object Storage, allowing users to store in object storage traditional Db2 column-organized tables in Db2's native format while maintaining the existing SQL support and performance using a tiered storage architecture.

For more information: 

If you want to give it a try, please note:

- It's recommended to install the 11.5.9 operator in a separate namespace from any existing db2u-operator install.

- Installing the 11.5.9 Beta on a cluster which already has Db2U Standalone installed will overwrite the existing catalogsource in the openshift-marketplace. Both operators should function fine as long as they're installed in different namespaces. The catalog must be installed in openshift-marketplace