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Announcing IBM Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1.9

By VIJAYA KATIKIREDDY posted Mon September 26, 2022 11:29 AM


We are happy to announce the release of the Db2 Data Management Console v 3.1.9.

In this release, we focused on addressing the long-standing requirement from many of our customers on providing a monitoring dashboard for replication in Data Management Console; this is primarily to fill the gap created when Adobe Flash was set to EOL in 2020, thus losing the existing UI for replication. This integration with Q Replication will allow the customers to monitor the end-to-end replication performance. 

On Monitoring and Alerts, we have built further on our existing capabilities: 

  • When monitoring Db2 with Database Partitioning Feature (DPF), the File System Utilization Alert has been enhanced to generate alerts when the file system usage exceeds the thresholds on any of the partitions. 
  • The availability widget on the Monitor Summary page has been enhanced to reflect the availability of all database partitions and all the nodes in a Db2 PureScale environment
  • When setting up event monitors, users are allowed to customize tablespace size
  • Users can view collection time and other details about top tablespaces used by event monitoring.


This release also introduces an interactive SQL Builder experience for novice users to build SQL queries utilizing drag-and-drop and point-and-click interfaces with the ability to view the generated queries. Some of the cool features include Tree View of Database Objects, View/Download query results, and Save Queries for future use.

To facilitate ease of use, we have added the ability to View Job Details and Custom Alerts without the need to get into edit mode. And finally, addressed some issues around the Package Cache page to display the statement execution data in real-time mode, and storage metrics collection

The team has also put together documentation on setting up Db2 IBM Data Management Console (DMC) high availability (HA) environment with Pacemaker.   Read Thuan Bui's blog for more details. 


To download IBM Db2 Data Management Console, go to Db2 Download Center, Fix Central, or Docker Hub.  


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