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Announcing IBM Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1.8

By VIJAYA KATIKIREDDY posted Thu July 07, 2022 01:06 AM


We are happy to announce the release of the Db2 Data Management Console v 3.1.8.  In this release, we focused on addressing many customer requirements, a big chunk of which are the result of our advocate team's direct engagement with our customers and the feedback reported in the community forums. 

The key features to highlight:  

  • Enhancements to Query Tuning:
    • Query Tuning recommendation report now displays the access plan summary and catalog information sections 
    • Enhanced user experience to view the tuning recommendations
    • Access plan graph can now include actual access path cost information
    • Workload tuning provides recommendations to convert tables from row stored to column stored organization 
    • Query index what-if analysis displays the revised access plan graph with the virtual indexes
  • Enhancements to SQL Editor:
    •  Users can easily access their saved scripts via a new tab.
    •  The improved user experience when exploring data objects. 
    •  Auto-completion feature provides hints for schema and table names 
  • Enhancements to Monitoring & Alerts:
    • Support monitoring for non-ROS HADR databases.  
    • Users can now monitor the memory usage at the instance and database levels 
    • Improved drill-down on database time spent page for workloads and provide asynchronous I/O data at the database level
    • Ability to allow only privileged users to view and manage alerts 
    • Added an additional column so that Custom Alert script output can include the reason in addition to severity 
  • Enhancement to Configuration Management:
    • Users have the ability to view, compare and update DBM and DB configuration parameters across SMP, DPF, HADR and PureScale 
  • Enhancements to jobs: 
    • Customize email notifications to base on job execution status  
    • Ability to delete a job that is running status 
    • Allow the user to convert an on-demand job to a scheduled job dynamically  
  • dmctop monitoring utility v is also released in conjunction to enhance Db2 PureScale statistics at the member level 

You can see the full release note here: http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ibm10885404

To download IBM Db2 Data Management Console, go to Db2 Download Center, Fix Central, or Db2 console DockerHub.  


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