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IBM OMEGAMON Data Provider adds IBM Db2 performance data

By Stan Wong posted Tue February 21, 2023 12:25 PM


Today, we are announcing IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert (OMPE) that can stream performance data in near real time to the IBM OMEGAMON Data Provider (ODP), demonstrating IBM’s commitment to expanding the set of performance data available for analysis.

OMPE adds value to the raw metrics available via facilities like System Management Facility (SMF) that would otherwise have to be examined, aggregated, summarized, etc. by end-users. The data formats that these monitoring tools use to manage the raw metrics are typically proprietary for reasons including efficiency. This creates the conundrum for clients wanting flexibility in adapting performance metrics to their business needs, conflicting with the cost for vendors to produce hundreds of thousands of report formats, write a report language, or develop other techniques to keep their intellectual property safe.

The ODP creates a bridge between the proprietary performance data of IBM’s premier monitoring tools and popular analytics platforms. ODP serves Db2 performance data to the destination or platform of choice in a friendly and easily consumable format (JSON). This provides a pathway for IBM performance tools to participate in the world of AIOps – operational analytics and machine learning.

Db2 for z/OS and the performance it provides are mission-critical to the largest corporations in the world. IBM Db2 OMPE is a member of the product family that provides powerful database performance analysis capabilities for Db2 subsystem performance. Using the same architecture and implementation that other IBM offerings have used, OMPE can ‘publish’ various types of Db2 performance metrics to the ODP framework for consumption by tools that include IBM Instana, Elastic, Splunk and others.

For more details, watch the Db2 Tools for z/OS community where this blog is posted, see IBM announcements, and check product documentation.

More information about OMEGAMON Data Provider is also available in the IBM AIOps community within IBM zSystems and LinuxOne here.

Dashboard view of Db2 performance data provided by ODP