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QMF Visualization Part4 Dashboard Applications

By shawn sullivan posted Mon December 20, 2021 11:22 AM


Dashboard Applications

The visualizations so far can be interactive, but they still do not do anything except show visualizations. The final object the Dashboard/Application can also perform actions like writ data to a file or database and send emails with PDF or Excel attachments.

Dashboard applications take a bit longer to make, like about an hour. Here are some examples.

A customer requested an aid for SQL programmers, so I made this dashboard:

It tells you in the upper right it tells the DB2 Subsystem it is connected to . It gives a list of SCHEMAS and when a schema is picked it gives a list of tables and views for that schema.  When a table or view is selected it lists the columns and data types.

Here I enter a SCHEMA name in the filter and click the button next to it.

Now I have the SCHEMA located

When I click on the located schema it gives me a list of Tables and Views owned by that Schema


When I click on a table it gives me a list of columns and data types.

If I click the check box next to the table, it gives me auxiliary information from the DB2 Catalog in a pop-up box. Now the SQL author knows the primary key, the Indexes, the dependent tables, and the foreign keys. Any of these may help in creating an SQL query.

If instead I choose a view, then I again get the columns and data types but now the auxiliary checkbox gives me the View definition, so I know the underlying tables.


This is a technically oriented dashboard.

The next two are business oriented. These were asked for by a bank. The data is completely fictitious.

This Dashboard Application starts with a couple of charts showing total Transactions at ATMS and the total number of ATMs

When an end date is chosen from the dropdown box a table appears with the previous 13 months of KPI’s

In a second banking dashboard, we have a chart of the KPIs

Again, I choose an end date and in addition to a table I get the following chart:

Again, the graphic in the upper right corner will download or email the indicated collateral.

Each of these, took about one hour to make.  I have prepared a tutorial document that other customers have found useful to get a quick start on building dashboards. If you would like a copy please email me at