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QMF Visualization Part 2 Drill-down Paths

By shawn sullivan posted Mon December 20, 2021 01:54 PM


Drill Down Paths

In the same way that this grid can be drilled into,

QMF supplies drillable charts called Drill-down Paths, as follows.With any query result, click the button for “Transfer to” and choose Drill-down Path:

Choose a chart for the first image;
As with Charts choose the category and value and aggregation type.
Adjust the Formatting
Click Finish to see the first chart of the series. Note this black square says you are still making the drill down. You click it to stop the creation and save the drill down path. 
Proceed to choose the next chart
And format the chart
Now the second chart in the series is shown. Click on ANY BAR to make the next chart.
Add the Category and Values and Aggregation
Finally adjust the chart format and click OK
When you have all the charts you need click the Black button to end the series and save.
You will get this informational message
If you click Yes then you will still need to save the Drill-down path:
Now you can navigate the drill-down path by clicking chart elements or reverse your direction by clicking on the directional control arrows.

These can be created in QMF for Workstation or QMF for WebSphere and can use actual dynamic queries or Dynamarts as the source. Of course, Dynamarts will give better performance.