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QMF Visualization Part 1 Charts

By shawn sullivan posted Mon December 20, 2021 02:28 PM


QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere Queries can contain Charts and graphs. What is stored in the query are the specifications for the charts: which columns to chart, the type of chart etc so that it does not take up too much storage and the charts will change as the data changes.

Here is a query rolled up as a grid.
When adding in Charts it is useful to open the Results Navigator View as follows

Here is the user experience with the Results Navigator and a Query with Charts
The user picks a chart from the list on the right

The following section shows how the charts are added to the query.

 First a query is written and tested to make sure it has the right data.
Next with the results in view, click the Display Chart button
Choose the chart type
Select the columns for the axes. The Category is the X Axis and the Value is the Y Axis. In the case of a Pie Chart, the Category will be the wedge labels and the Value will determine the width of the wedge.
The next panel allows you to fine tune the chart with titles, labels and so on
Now the first chart is in place, and more charts may be added.
Now click on the Display Tab and click the Add button
Notice that you can also add specification for other representations of the Grid.

Choose a Chart type

Adjust the Chart settings