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My Friend Stuart Litel Asked Me to Blog in the IBM Community

By Scott Hayes posted Mon September 23, 2019 05:37 PM

Alright, I'll give this a try.  Let's see how this fancy blogging software works.  I'm used to hacking together raw HTML with tags and all, but this is a fancy WYSIWYG sort of interface.  I'll be fine with this.  Less thinking will be required.

If you don't know my friend Stuart Litel, he's really a rather remarkable individual.  He was famous in the Informix world before joining IBM.  Now he has some kind of top secret role at IBM.  He seems to know everyone.  I suck at remembering names, but I have too many airport codes memorized.  Stuart is a fixer.  He seems passionate about helping people and solving problems.  I've known him for years but my appreciation for him has grown lately.  There are few people I'd rather enjoy a drink with.  If you do have a drink with him, be prepared to spend time listening to fascinating stories.  Well, enough about Stuart's awesomeness for now.

Stuart told me that I could blog about anything I wanted to, but there was just one rule.  I'm not allowed to write anything negative about a certain company.  You can probably guess what company.  LOLs.  That's okay, I'm a LIFETIME IBM Champion.  I have plenty of positive things to say about IBM and other companies.  

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So, this is my first blog post.  This is a test.  I'll press that button down there that says PUBLISH and see what happens.  In future posts, I'll rant, I'll rave, I'll bring attention to cool IBM things, and I might even try some of the other fancy font formatting buttons up there.  Cool.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering who is your favorite IBM Professional?  What makes them awesome?  Leave a comment!

Have a fabulous day,
Scott Hayes
Lifetime IBM Champion and IBM Gold Consultant