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VIDEO: IBM watsonx.data and Cloudera Open Data Lakehouse Better Together

By Robert Stanich posted Tue August 08, 2023 02:27 PM


VIDEO: Paul Codding, EVP Product Management, Cloudera and Robert Stanich, Principal Product Manager, IBM discuss how both wastonx.data and Cloudera Data Platform leverage Open Data Lakehouse technologies like Apache Iceberg to create value for customers.

In these demos, we show creation o  a table from real-time data streaming over NiFi and then conversion of that table to Iceberg format with a simple alter table command.  We then show watsonx.data running in IBM Cloud accessing and joining data from that Iceberg table residing in an S3 bucket on AWS. Not a copy of it, the exact same table without ever moving the data.
Both Cloudera’s and IBM’s solutions are OPEN.  First, hey build on familiar open-source technologies like Presto, Spark, and Iceberg. 
More importantly we let our customers choose what technologies and platforms are best for their use case or to leverage what they’ve already deployed.
Unlike our closed single-cloud competitors we don’t force our customers to "landlock" their lakehouse in some remote and hard to relocate (by design) place. We give our customers the degrees of freedom they need to optimize their lakehouse, reduce or eliminate costs of replatforming applications, the risks of moving data, or getting locked-in to a single solution.

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