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Data in Motion 3 Part Video Series

By Robert Stanich posted Thu February 23, 2023 10:43 AM

Data-in-motion refers to streaming data in the midst of a process designed to complete transactions or transform it into insight an organization can act upon. Data is the lifeblood of any modern business. Whether information is used by an automated process, delivered broadly via a modern application, or leveraged to drive better decisions, it has the potential to substantially improve business outcomes. Featuring Forrester, IBM and Cloudera are bringing a 3-part video podcast series on data-in-motion. We cover: 
• What is data in motion? Why it matters today. Use cases driving interest. 
• Architectural challenges and solution components 
• Lessons learned and how to get started

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Featured guest:
Rowan Curran, Analyst, AI, ML and data science, Forrester

Robert Hryniewicz, Product Marketing Lead -Cloudera DataFlow Platform
Brett Coffman, Data and AI technical leader, IBM

Data-in-Motion video podcast featuring Forrester: Episode 1–Business context and why


Data-in-Motion video podcast featuring Forrester: Episode 2–Technology and solutions


Data-in-Motion video podcast featuring Forrester: Episode 3–Getting started