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ICYMI: IBM Data & AI and Cloudera Deepen Relationship across Data at Rest and Data in Motion Platforms

By Robert Stanich posted Tue May 31, 2022 01:54 PM

In case you missed it, we recently made several exciting announcements around the deepening of our OEM partnership with Cloudera.  

IBM and Cloudera have a longstanding program designed to bring advanced data and AI solutions to more organizations across the expansive Apache Hadoop ecosystem.  The goal of this program is to accelerate data-driven decision making for our joint enterprise customers who want a hybrid and multi-cloud data management solution with common security and governance.

IBM, Cloudera Introduce Deeper Integration of Cloudera DataFlow and IBM Cloud Pak for Data
IBM and Cloudera are taking a new step in their strategic partnership to bring advanced data and AI solutions to more organizations with deeper integration between Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. CDF will invoke IBM’s machine learning services as well as directly embed AI models developed using IBM's data science platforms. Additionally, the team will build a suite of connectors between CDF and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. This will enable IBM's Cloud Pak for Data to leverage Cloudera’s streaming data capabilities and address evolving use cases - IoT and edge. Likewise, Cloudera's customers can benefit from leveraging IBM's AI capabilities within CDF.

Technical Demo: IBM CloudPak for Data and Cloudera DataFlow, Better Together
In this video demo, Cloudera Software Engineer Andrew Lim walks us through a streaming data scenario centered around a real-time credit risk decision. NiFi, a component of CDF which is monitoring a flow of incoming customer data, will call out to a machine learning model running on IBM's Watson Machine Learning Service (WML) to receive a credit risk prediction. The credit risk model was previously trained from historical data resident in a repository such as Hadoop with the aid of IBM Watson Studio. At the end of the sequence, Andrew updates his enriched customer record, complete with the credit risk prediction, to Kafka

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is officially Cloudera Certified!
IBM and Cloudera announce the official certification of 16 IBM Cloud Pak for Data products from BigSQL to Watson Studio, against Cloudera's flagship offering, Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera Chief Technology Officer to Appear at IBM Chief Data and Technology Officer Summit Series
A data fabric is an architectural approach to simplify data access in an organization. It helps enterprises solve complex data problems by providing consistent, standard practices and capabilities, as well as seamless access, management, and sharing of data in a distributed data storage environment across various applications, platforms, locations, clouds, data centers, and edge systems. How can a data fabric architecture help you get the right data to the right people at the right time, driving better decision-making across your organization? Find out from
Ram Venkatesh, Chief Technology Officer at Cloudera, who  will appear at IBM's CDO/CTO Summit “Data Fabric: Delivering on Your Data Strategy” on Jun 15th. 

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