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IBM, Cloudera Introduce Deeper Integration of Cloudera DataFlow and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By Robert Stanich posted Thu May 12, 2022 09:58 AM


IBM and Cloudera are taking a new step in their strategic partnership to bring advanced data and AI solutions to more organizations with deeper integration between Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) and IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

The integration of DataFlow will build on the companies' existing integrated solutions for the expansive Cloudera Data Platform Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

CDF will invoke IBM’s machine learning services as well as directly embed AI models developed using IBM's data science platforms. Additionally, the team will build a suite of connectors between CDF and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. This will enable IBM's Cloud Pak for Data to leverage Cloudera’s streaming data capabilities and address evolving use cases - IoT and edge. Likewise, Cloudera's customers can benefit from leveraging IBM's AI capabilities within CDF.

“CDF includes key cloud-native operational and monitoring capabilities that addresses the challenge of balancing efficiency and performance with cost control as customers scale up their streaming workloads,” explains Joe Witt, Vice President for Data-in-Motion at Cloudera. “Now it will be easy for our joint enterprise customers to accelerate data-driven decision making and boost the operational efficiency of streaming workloads."

CDF is a scalable, real-time streaming data service that ingests, curates, and analyzes data for key insights and immediate actionable intelligence that addresses the following challenges:

  • Processing real-time data streaming at high volume and high scale
  • Tracking data provenance and lineage of streaming data
  • Managing and monitoring edge applications and streaming sources
  • Gaining real-time insights and actionable intelligence from streaming data

IBM helps organizations simplify management of the cloud data ecosystems. Cloudera is one of the top partners empowering businesses with a one stop shop at IBM through the OEM agreement. Cloudera also supports the data fabric architecture.

You can visit our websites on IBM-Cloudera partnership and Cloudera Data Platform with IBM to learn more. You can learn more about Cloudera DataFlow and IBM Cloud Pak for Data.  You can also book an expert consultation there.

For more details, please visit IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Data Fabric, and Cloudera Data Platform or join the Cloud Pak for Data Community.

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