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Hybrid Data Management Design Feedback Program

By Rachel Miles Sijacic posted Mon April 22, 2019 09:28 AM


Hybrid Data Management Design Feedback Program

The Situation
The products built by the Hybrid Data Management team are designed by people who aren’t the ones actually using them.
We want to learn from the people who actually do use them every day.

We want to make data-driven, user focused decisions to make our products the best that they can be.
To do that, we want to partner with our customers to get feedback during the design process.

What’s in it for you?
Let your voice be heard!
Partner with our product teams to help refine the current product offering
Shape the product’s future by providing feedback, ideas, and domain expertise
• Get a look at early product designs, prototypes, and product roadmaps
• Help create amazing user experiences and products that will help you and your company excel at business

We’re primarily looking for…
  1. Customers who use:
    • IBM Integrated Analytics System
    • Netezza
    • BigSQL
    • Db2
    • Db2 Data Management Console
    • Db2 on Cloud
    • Db2 Warehouse on Cloud
    • Db2 Warehouse Local
    • ICP for Data System
    • (also open to other products)
  2. With the job title:
    • System Administrator: Manages hardware systems
    • Database Administrator: Manages data and databases
    • IT Administrator: Someone who has a combination of the above roles
    • (still feel free reach out if this isn't your title)
  3. To participate in one or more of the following:
    • Remote interview (30-60 minutes)
      - Go over how they currently approach monitoring
      - Show designs and ask them to perform tasks based on the design
    • Contextual inquiry (30 - 60 minutes remote / 1 - 2 hours in person)
      - Researcher sits with the customer to observe how they currently work and ask probing questions to identify opportunities
    • Co-creation workshop (1 - 2 days in person)
      - Customers and offering team gets together in a room where the customer is part of the design process by helping design a dashboard the way they’d want to use it
What’s next?
  1. Contact Rachel Miles
    ( or fill out this form
  2. Sign the Feedback Program Agreement
    - Basically you’re agreeing not to share the not released designs with anyone else.
  3. Shape the future of analytics with us!
    - We’ll work out a cadence with you on how and how often you’d like to work with us to give feedback.

Download the PDF: