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Db2 Administration Foundation: Loading tables to one or more accelerators

By Preethi N posted Fri July 21, 2023 03:11 AM



An infrastructure change is implemented to discover IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS from IBM Db2 Administration Foundation for z/OS. This change in the Db2 Administration Foundation user interface enables you to load tables to one or more accelerators with Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader.

This enhancement ensures that the same data is loaded into all accelerators and produces identical query results on all accelerators, regardless of any data modifications to the source data in Db2 for z/OS during the load process. Additionally, this feature helps to reduce both CP and elapsed time of the entire load process.

Do you want to use this feature? Then, these are the topics that can help you with it!

What to install?

You need to install the following:

  • Db2 Administration Foundation for z/OS and apply APARs (PH54968 and PH54452).
  • Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS v2.1 and apply APAR PH54984.


  • Db2 Analytics Accelerator v7.5 or later is required.
  • Groups or aliases of Db2 Analytics Accelerator are not supported.

How to configure?

You need to configure UMS Zowe for Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader to load data to available accelerators. Perform the following configuration steps:

  1. Navigate to the PARMLIB member ZWEYAML located in 
  2. Enable discovery by setting components.izp.toolsDiscovery.enabled to true.
  3. Specify the locations of the Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader YAML files in the components.izp.toolsDiscovery.discoverySearchPaths:     
    For example,
  4. Restart Zowe.
    Zowe is now configured to enable Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader functions.
  5. Verify whether Tools Discovery has recognized and loaded the YAML file for Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader by validating the message that appears in the Zowe log.
    For example,
    <discoverToolsIfEnabled> : Yamls processed during discovery: {5639-OLE={2.1.0=<ToolsDiscoveryEntry pathToProductYaml=<hlq.SHLOSAMP>(HLODSCVP), productYaml={product_id=5639-OLE, product_name=Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader, product_ver=2, product_rel=1, product_mod=0, RVT=144}, instances=>} : Tools Discovery completed.


  • The user ID under which the Zowe server is running should have READ access to the data set hlq.SHLOSAMP(HLODSCVP). To set up resource access permission, refer to Setting up users and teams.
  • Zowe must be restarted to apply the changes made to hlq.SHLOSAMP(HLODSCVP) data set.

After you complete the installation and configuration steps, the Load tables to accelerators option will be enabled and you will be able to see the check box for Table object type in the Zowe user interface.

How to use the feature in Zowe?

  1. On the Zowe navigation menu, click Explore > Objects.
  2. Select Table from the Object type drop-down list and a Db2 subsystem.
  3. Select the check box of the required tables displayed in the result table.
  4. On the right corner of the result table, click Take action and then Load tables to accelerators.
    Note: If you want to perform this for a single object in the list, click and then Load table to accelerators.

    The Load data page is displayed.
  5. Select the required values and check boxes for the following fields:

    Field name Parameter Description
    Name ACCEL

    Select all accelerators to which you want previously selected objects to be loaded.

    Enable acceleration ACCEL_ON_SUCCESS_ENABLE

    Controls whether query acceleration is enabled for the table after a successful load.

    Detect data changes DETECT_DATA_CHANGES

    Controls whether to load only those tables and partitions that have changed in Db2 since the last load to the accelerator.

    Add table to accelerator ACCEL_ADD_TABLES

    Add missing tables to the accelerator before starting the load job.

    Table lockmode


    Specifies the protection level while tables on an accelerator are being loaded.

    Load tasks ACCEL_LOAD_TASKS

    Specifies the number of partitions to load into the accelerator.

  6. Click Submit. A batch job is submitted, and the job name and job ID are displayed to locate the output.


You can use the ‘Load tables to accelerators’ feature to load Db2 Admin Foundation tables to one or more accelerators with Db2 Analytics Accelerator Loader. This also includes advanced options, which provide additional keywords to your load. This enhancement supports only object type ‘Table’ within the same Db2 for z/OS subsystem.