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Db2 13 for z/OS continuous delivery roundup for the second half of 2023

By Paul McWilliams posted Thu January 11, 2024 01:39 PM


As Haakon mentioned in his December update from Db2 for z/OS development, we have continued unabated with the delivery of new capabilities to Db2 13 for z/OS since its release in early 2022, with three new function levels and more than 45 standalone PTFs for new-function APARs.  In June, I summarized the new capabilities released in the first half of 2023 in a blog post, and this new post takes a similar look at new capabilities delivered by Db2 development since then, including a few released at the very beginning of 2024. 

Clicking the APAR numbers below takes you to the APAR closing text, and the "Learn more" links take you to the APAR descriptions in the online product documentation.

PH57811 introduces more granular filtering for monitoring secure connectivity with Db2 13 profiles tables, and you can now enforce these rules for specific portions of the network by specifying IP addresses or domain names that resolve to IP addresses in the LOCATION column.  Before this APAR, you could only specify '*', '::0', or '' in the LOCATION column for profiles for this type. Learn more  

PH54199 introduces the DSNB360I message to provide details about data pages that cause GRECP recovery delays for pages that are identified with minimum page LRSN in a DSNB355I message, to help you locate the page and the object it belongs to promptly in the case the GBP recovery delay is caused by the lagging minimum page LRSN. Learn more

PH56288 helps prevent operators from overlooking active log full conditions that are reported in message DSNJ110E in Db2 13. When the last available active log data set is 5% or more full, Db2 13 keeps the last DSNJ110E message highlighted on the console until the condition is resolved. Learn more

PH56228 introduces separate control over the collection interval for LOCATION statistics in IFCIDs 365, 411, and 412, by adding the STATIME_DDF subsystem parameter. All three traces now allow a time interval of up to 5 minutes. This new capability can also be used in Db2 12. Learn more

PH54919 enables activation of function level 504 in Db2 13, which introduces the following new capabilities:

  • Minimized impact of invalidated packages with statement-level invalidation
  • Increased capacity for Db2 trace: More OP buffers
  • Utility object-level history
  • Enhancements for SQL Data Insights
  • ORDER BY support for a fullselect that invokes LISTAGG
  • Verification of enhancements to Db2 13 in new-function APARs (see this blog post)

For more information about FL 504 and the capabilities introduced, see the announcement blog post or the online product documentation.

PH57071 improves control of fast index traversal (FTB) processing by increasing how frequently Db2 13 reads newly inserted rows in the SYSIBM.SYSINDEXCONTROL table. Db2 13 now applies the newly inserted rows every 2 minutes, instead of every 10 minutes. Learn more

PH56996 and PH56997 allow users with the DISPLAY privilege to issue DISPLAY PROFILE and DISPLAY DYNQUERYCAPTURE commands, which makes these commands more consistent with the behavior for other DISPLAY commands in Db2 13. Learn more

PH54056 enables statement-level plan hints for SQL PL applications, by relaxing a restriction against issuing BIND QUERY commands for certain SQL PL packages. Learn more

PH55025 introduces a capability to specify MQ administration IDs when you run the DSNTIJRT job and DSNTRIN program in Db2 13. Learn more

PH55241 enables you to request that Db2 13 generates more granular accounting trace records for distributed database applications, by issuing a MODIFY DDF command with the ACCTG(ALLCOMMIT) option. This option also requires that the PTF for APAR OA61811 is applied in your z/OS environment. This capability can also be used in Db2 12. To learn more, check out our previous blog post or the online product documentation.

PH55212 enhances the SQL Data Insights vector prefetch capability by making the enablement decision dynamic based on data and AI cache availability. To learn more about this enhancement. Learn more

PH54863 and PH54936 improve view management authorization in Db2 13, to allow database administrators (DBAs) with DBADM authority on databases to drop a view created for another user and select from a view without always requiring system level authority. Learn more

PH41756 provides more information about latches causing suspensions, by updating messages that Db2 13 issues when it boosts the priority of a long-waiting latch holders. Specifically, the DSNV491I message, which is issued with DSNV523I, is updated with field labels for all values that it returns. These enhancements are also available in Db2 12. Learn more

PH54129 introduces the capability to free inactive packages for native REST services with the DSN FREE PACKAGE command. Before this APAR, the only method of freeing inactive REST service packages is by invoking the REST service manager API with a dropService request, or by using FREE SERVICE commands.  Learn more

For a complete list of new capabilities in Db2 13 in continuous delivery, see the table of New-function APARs for Db2 13 in the online product documentation.

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Thu February 15, 2024 05:57 AM

Really very good roundup with all APAR and inbuilt links for futher details at one place. Thanks Paul