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Db2 13 function level 502 is available now!

By Paul McWilliams posted Fri October 28, 2022 11:15 AM


With the availability of the PTF for APAR PH4789, you can now activate Db2 13 function level V13R1M502 (FL 502) in your existing DB2 13 environments, and you can now also install Db2 13 at FL 502. No new catalog update is required for the activation of function level 502.

Function level 502 introduces the following new capabilities in Db2 13:

Db2 controlled Sysplex workload balancing

You can now enable Sysplex workload balancing (WLB) on a Db2 for z/OS server.

Sysplex WLB functionality (also called transaction-level workload balancing) on Db2 for z/OS servers provides high availability for client applications that connect directly to a data sharing group by balancing work among members of a data sharing group at the start of a transaction. Db2 for z/OS server returns a list of available members with weights provided by WLM. At the start of a transaction, the client application chooses the member with the best weight from the list. Configuration parameters are available on clients (Java and non-Java) to enable this functionality.

To enable use of this new capability, FL 502 introduces the following new keywords for the -MODIFY DDF (Db2) command.

RQSTWLB – Specifies that Db2 returns to the remote client a request to enable Sysplex workload balancing. This option can only be specified if the subsystem is part of a data sharing group. This option has group-wide scope. The decision to honor Sysplex workload balancing request lies with the client.

DFLTWLB – Db2 honors the Sysplex workload balancing option requested by the client. This option can only be specified if the subsystem is part of a data sharing group. This option has group-wide scope. DFLTWLB is the default installed option.

Each option can be specified with a specific location or alias name, or the default which is an asterisk (*) meaning that the option is enabled for the entire data sharing group.

For more information about enabling Sysplex workload balancing with client drivers, see:

APAR PH48253 delivered the functional code for Db2 controlled Sysplex workload balancing.

Statement-level dependencies and validity records for packages

When a package is bound or rebound with the new DEPLEVEL(STATEMENT) option, package invalidation is now handled at a statement level. If one or more statements in a package are invalidated, a value of 'S' is recorded in the VALID column of the SYSPACKAGE or SYSPACKCOPY catalog tables to indicate that the package is partially invalidated. The VALID column of the SYSPACKSTMT or SYSPACKSTMTCOPY catalog tables indicates the specific statement that is invalidated. A partially invalidated package is handled in the same manner as an invalidated package on REBIND and in an auto bind situation.

The new dependencies recorded are only for statement-level object dependencies. Only changes to an object invalidate a package at the statement level. Any changes in authorization privileges still invalidate a package at the package level.

Package dependencies continue to be stored in the SYSPACKDEP catalog table. If a package is bound with the DEPLEVEL(STATEMENT) option, a new catalog table, SYSPACKSTMTDEP, stores the dependencies between a package statement and the objects referenced by that statement. The SYSPACKSTMTDEP catalog table contains the statement-level dependencies for a current package and all package copies.

APAR PH47560 delivered the functional code to record dependencies and validity for a package at the statement level.

Installing Db2 13 at FL 502

Db2 13 has also been enhanced to support new installations directly to FL 502. When you run the Db2 installation CLIST for a new Db2 13 installation, you can now specify TARGET FUNCTION LEVEL = V13R1M502 on panel DSNTIP00, so that the CLIST generates the appropriate jobs for activating FL 502 when you complete the Installation step 17: Activate Db2 13 function levels when you install DB2 13. Before the introduction of FL 502, the TARGET FUNCTION LEVEL field was protected with value V13R1M501. This field now accepts V13R1M501 or higher in Db2 13.

Learn more about FL 502

For more about the new capabilities in Db2 13 function level 502, and how to activate it, see Function level 502.