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Find Db2 Warehouse on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

By Ned Whelan posted Mon April 17, 2023 11:21 AM


IBM Db2 Warehouse, our high performance cloud data warehouse, is now available as a SaaS offering on the AWS Marketplace. This allows customers to purchase and deploy the Db2 Warehouse service in minutes, marking another milestone in the strategic partnership between IBM and AWS. Db2 Warehouse is a cloud-native data warehouse built to support mission critical operations, with real-time, trusted insights and enterprise reporting at the best price performance. As an AWS customer, you can now apply your AWS committed spend (via the Enterprise Discount Program) to purchase the Db2 Warehouse fully managed service. Db2 Warehouse SaaS allows customers to quickly get started with a fully managed cloud data warehouse on AWS infrastructure. Together customers can leverage the simplicity and scale of AWS with one of the worlds’ most powerful and robust data warehouses in Db2 Warehouse.

How it works

Customers can take advantage of this offering to acquire SaaS credits and manage billing in their AWS ecosystem. Db2 Warehouse consists of two primary configurations for larger data warehouse workloads:

  • Flex (for smaller data warehouses or those without performance requirements)
  • Flex Performance (for data warehouses with strict performance requirements)

All Db2 Warehouse Flex and Flex Performance base configurations provide a dedicated environment that includes cores, memory, and storage. Additional compute (cores and memory) and storage can be added in fixed increments, with compute and storage being independent of each other.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the IBM Db2 Warehouse listing in the AWS Marketplace and complete your self-service purchase, or contact a IBM Sales Representative today for detailed pricing.

To learn more about IBM Db2 Warehouse visit our website.