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IBM Champion Spotlight: Art S. Kagel

By Namitha K posted Sun December 31, 2023 11:03 AM


Meet Art S. Kagel, President & Principal Consultant at ASK Database Management Corp., and has been an IBM Champion since the inception of the program! With a passion for technology and a deep love for IBM Informix, Art shares his insights, experiences, and the journey that led him to become an IBM Champion. He became involved with the Informix user community many years before the IBM Champion program began in order to help others solve problems and issues they were seeing that he might have resolved and to find solutions to his own problems. As a bonus this promoted his own expertise around Informix RDBMS and eventually led to starting his consulting business. The IBM Champion program expanded both the reach for helping others as well as to support his business.

                   According to him,  IBM Informix is among the most powerful of the RDBMS system. He says, “The extensibility and object oriented features that it inherited from Illustra and the features that have been included in the product using those technologies, along with Informix's industry leading performance, ease of use, low TCO, and unprecedented uptime records make it my first choice for any project. I am not alone in this. Over the 40 years I have worked with Informix database systems, many many DBAs who work with multiple DBMS systems have told me that when they have a choice, Informix is it and their favorite to work with”. He loves speaking at conferences, creating informative videos about Informix features, and supporting the Informix user community through forums.

                                             His drive for giving back to the technology community started as a pursuit of knowledge and career-building, evolving into a genuine enjoyment of sharing insights and experiences and he is really proud of the journey into Performance Tuning sparked by curiosity and seeking knowledge, turning a challenge into a fascination with tuning Informix Dynamic Server. His comment to the prospects of the IbM Champion Program is, “If you're passionate, knowledgeable, and eager to mentor, learn, and share, join the Champions and connect with like-minded individuals”.

Meet Art in person at TechXchange EMEA in Barcelona and potential IIUG TechTalks in 2024.

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*Ice cream or cake?*

Depends on the cake. Generally, ice cream, but an Ebingers' blackout cake changes the game.

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I'm an animal person. Love both.

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Avid skier before knee concerns.

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Mostly a morning person.

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Books. Period.

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Night in. A homebody at heart.

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Between. Walk down the steps or drop in from the side.

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Like to drive, don't mind flying.

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