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IBM Champions Spotlight: Ursula Flade-Ruf

By Namitha K posted Thu November 16, 2023 06:57 AM


Meet the IBM Champion Ursula Flade-Ruf, who is the CEO of mip Management Information Partner GmbH in Munich and has been a Champion for last 3 years!

She loves IBM Db2 and InfoSphere Data Replication because both solutions are robust and have powerful technology. In her earlier career, she worked as a consultant and later  as sales representative in the area of organisation, decision support systems, and executive information systems.

Here is Ursula’s experience of being an IBM Champions- “We, as a company, have been working with IBM products such as Db2 for over 25 years. We greatly appreciate IBM's technology and innovation capabilities. During this time, we have gained recognition as specialists in Data Warehousing. We believe that a strong partnership requires mutual investment. Our commitment is to be a loyal IBM Business Partner, providing outstanding expertise, and offering feedback as frequently as possible, both on the technological and business aspects. In addition, in 2002, IBM nominated me as a 'Leading Women Entrepreneur of the World,' which led to my participation in various Business Partner councils. We serve as the direct point of contact with customers and actively listen to their needs. It is of utmost importance to us, especially to me, to transfer this feedback to IBM."

She has a great success story to share with us- “I founded mip Management Information Partner in 1988, and  have been running my company to deliver consultancy, software and hardware around Data Warehouses since then. It had been up to me to live the partnership with IBM since over 25 years, loving the technology and appreciating all these fantastic colleagues. We are well known in the German market as an elite company around the subject “Data Warehouse”, acting as a full-service provider with expertise in databases, ETL, data analyses, AI and infrastructure. I’m proud to be the “architect” of mip’s offering, which is key for our customers for 35 years. At the beginning of this year, we joined the CENIT Group, being a central part of the Business Unit EIM (Enterprise Information Management). With this, we will strengthen the partnership with IBM, and I look forward to more exciting years with profound technology”.

IBM Champion nominations are now open and she is happy to help out the prospects in their nomination process and discuss which of the strengths should be focused!

Lightning round:

What would be your superpower and why? Working together with confidence, respecting each other. This makes me stable and gives power for doing lot of things.

Ice cream or cake? Ice Cream

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Summer or winter? Summer

Morning or evening? Evening

eBook or paper book? Paper book

TV shows or movies? Movies

A night out or a night in? Both

Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Dip

Go-to karaoke song? No

Drive or fly? Drive

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Want to be a part of the community of IBM Champions? You can jump on the path through the IBM Rising Champions advocacy badge program or nominate to become a 2024 IBM Champion through the end of November 2023.