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Announcing Db2 13 for z/OS, Db2 AI for z/OS, and Db2 Tools updates!

By Mo Townsend posted Tue April 05, 2022 12:05 PM


I’m excited to share that today IBM announced a new version of Db2 for z/OSthe first in over five yearsalong with a new release of Db2 AI for z/OS and updates to Db2 Tools for z/OS, which not only work with the latest Db2 version but add value all their own. 

Db2 13 brings leading-edge AI innovation and enhancements to reinforce Db2 for z/OS as a foundation for enterprise computing within the hybrid cloud and digital world. Db2 13 continues to enhance availability, security, and resiliency while also applying AI to help improve the performance of your operational processes and business results.  

Db2 13 for z/OS and IBM z16 – Better Together 

IBM z16 and Db2 13 for z/OS are twin technologies with close ties, and you’ll find synergy from top to bottom. On-chip AI is key to IBM z16, and the new Db2 SQL Data Insights feature offers an innovative industry-first integrated approach to develop and deploy AI insights within an application via tried-and-true SQL queries.  Additional synergies with IBM z16 result from System Recovery Boost (SRB), new tuning of Db2 data sharing performance, expanded usage of hardware sort instruction, faster training and query performance, and more. 

A streamlined migration/upgrade process mitigates incompatible changes and allows online upgrade for data sharing environments, with no application outage, promoting faster than ever adoption of new features to benefit your business. We've refined the way function levels work at the 100, 500, and 501 levels, so watch this blog for a future post on the philosophy and benefits of the modified approach.   

To learn more about this announcement, join our April 6 webcast. 

Db2 AI for z/OS 1.5 

Db2 AI for z/OS uses machine learning and AI to help improve operational performance and maintain the health of Db2 systems.  The new release 1.5 provides unique operational insights and deeper drill down into Db2 system health and distributed connection usage, supports packages with multiple versions in SQL Optimization, and provides better operational control over Db2 AI for z/OS processing.  

To learn more, join our April 6 webcast. 

Db2 Utilities and Tools for z/OS 

With new features like utilities history table to record historic results of utilities execution and support for key Db2 features like converting partition-by-growth tablespaces to partition by range or enhanced real-time statistics, IBM’s Db2 Utilities suite offer the tightest alignment possible with the newest Db2 enhancements. 

The IBM tools suite provides updates to support Db2 13 via PTF, new release (OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert 5.5), or new version (Db2 Administration Tool, Query Management Facility).   

To learn more, join our April 13 webcast. 


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