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A new data platform revitalizes a century-old manufacturer (IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub)

By MIKE BOROS posted Thu April 11, 2019 12:44 PM

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A new data platform revitalizes a century-old manufacturer

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A company can only survive for 115 years by reinventing itself, questioning assumptions and constantly looking for an edge. Owens-Illinois (O-I), the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers, used worldwide by many leading food and beverage brands, recently began just such a reinvention. After decades of growth, spanning 78 plants in 23 countries on five continents, O-I is undertaking a data transformation from the ground up by reassessing their data infrastructure. And they came to IBM for help.

Data for a global enterprise

Data might not be the first thing you think of when you hear glassmaking, but it’s essential to this global enterprise. According to Chief Information Officer Rod Masney, a worldwide operation like O-I involves a huge volume and variety of data from procurement, logistics, manufacturing and sales operations. So the CIO is responsible for petabytes of data, on every topic imaginable: everything from transactional data, to manufacturing metrics, to financial data and projections—all housed in a sprawling database that supports more than 60 SAP instances.

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