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Db2 Migration Service beta is now available on Db2 Early Access Programs website!

By MARYIA RAKINA posted Mon July 26, 2021 05:54 PM


We are happy to introduce you to the new Db2 Migration Service which is now available as part of the Early Access Program.  Db2 Migration Service provides an efficient way to move your data from Db2 on-premises to Db2 on cloud deployments.

The tool enables you to create a one-time migration job to transfer data from/to almost any Db2 data source. Some examples of a source/target combination include Db2 on-premises to Db2 on Cloud or IIAS to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.  Currently, Db2 Migration Service supports Db2 v10.5 Fix Pack 7 and up, and it can be installed on Linux operating systems.

You can run the new tool using a web-based UI or a command line client. The web-based UI is built using IBM’s best design practices and is meant to provide a simple, intuitive interface to configure migration jobs and see the progress of all migrations in real-time. Db2 Migration Service enables you to define multiple migration jobs and run them in parallel from the landing page. 

In addition, Db2 Migration Service supports a partial data migration scenario. It detects the schemas and tables available in your source database and allows you to select which ones to migrate to another Db2 database.  When the migration job kicks off, you can track the migration status at a table level in the details page.

In this beta release, we run some basic pre-migration checks before you can start the migration job. This is to ensure that the selected Db2 versions and data sources are supported by the migration engine. We will be expanding the pre-check options on GA to cover more pre-migration check scenarios. 

Download Db2 Migration Service beta today: link
Documentation: link
Demo: view the demo presented during the "Db2 11.5.6 Series #4: What's new in Db2 tooling?" webinar: link (password: pHBPBbf8)

We are looking for your feedback!
Please check out our Db2 Migration Service and help us shape the tool for its GA in Q4. There are several way to share feedback:

  • IBM Db2 Community discussions: link
  • Db2 channel on Discord: link
  • Reach out to our PM and Engineering teams directly: maryia.rakina@ibm.com