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IBM Data Server Manager for Db2 for LUW support ends on April 30th, 2021 – download the new version of Db2 Data Management Console today!

By MARYIA RAKINA posted Tue April 06, 2021 03:46 PM


As Data Server Manager v2.1.5 for Db2 for LUW nears its end of support, Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1.4 is ready to meet your business needs and provide a complete solution to manage, monitor, and optimize performance of hundreds of Db2 databases.

Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1 was released in October 2019 and is the next step in the evolution of Data Server Manager. Db2 Console is built of the best of Data Server Manager while offering a new way to interact with Db2.

Since Db2 Console’s GA, we brought to you four mod-level releases improving the tool’s performance, adding new capabilities, and introducing numerous enhancements to its usability. We will continue to improve and bring new features to Db2 Data Management Console with quarterly mod-level releases.

Db2 Console Home Screen
Monitor 100s databases from a single screen, drill-down to view more details

The value brought to you by Db2 Data Management Console

  • Design-driven user experience. The console is built using IBM’s design best-practices and is meant to be intuitive and user-friendly to both novice and experienced DBAs.
  • Unified user interface across all flavors and form-factors of Db2. Connect and manage Db2 databases deployed on-premises, cloud, Cloud Pak for Data, Red Hat OpenShift from a single Data Management Console.
  • Extensible and composable. The console is built on microservices architecture with fully documented set of RESTful services. Use all functions available in the UI and more using APIs.
  • Free with all editions and flavours of Db2. There are no licensing restrictions to use the console’s full capabilities.

Database performance overview
High-level view of your database performance with extensive flyover details

SQL Editor
Fast and responsive SQL editor with integrated parsing

Notification Center
Set up and manage alerts for availability, performance, or configuration. Integrated with email, SNMP, RESTful API, ServiceNow

Announcement link:

Download Db2 Data Management Console today at Db2 Download Center and Db2 console DockerHub.

Learn what's coming in the next Db2 Console release: ibm.biz/DMCRoadmap