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Expanding the value of Cloudera Data Platform with IBM

By Lynn Chou posted Mon November 02, 2020 08:18 PM


Continuing with our discussion of Cloudera Data Platform in October, the IBM Cloudera Partnership team is pleased to announce the availability of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud Plus (CDP Private Cloud Plus) with IBM and Cloudera Data Platform Streaming Edition (CDP Streaming Edition) with IBM.

CDP Private Cloud Plus with IBM is a containerized platform that expands upon the value of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud Base by:

  • Providing a new set of experiences
  • Enabling clients to run on any private or public cloud of choice
  • Reducing infrastructure costs by better utilizing existing investments while building toward future state of compute and storage.

Certified on RedHat OpenShift platform, CDP Private Cloud Plus provides flexibility to launch and manage different user-case driven experiences such as Cloudera Data Warehouse and Cloudera Machine Learning. Clients can gain operational agility with independent upgrades of services instead of the whole system. With simplified multi-tenancy and workload isolation on shared clusters, you can effectively manage workload spikes to meet key business SLAs with controlled, predictable performance.

CDP Streaming Edition with IBM offers advanced messaging and streaming processing powered by Apache Kafka. CDP Streaming Edition is the ideal messaging backbone for real-time streaming use cases requiring low-latency ingestion and durability, and decentralized management across producers and consumers. In addition, CDP Streaming Edition with IBM also includes support for Kafka Streams and Apache Flink for real-time analytics, Schema Registry for centralized schema management, Cloudera Manager for cluster management and monitoring, and Apache Sentry for rich access control and security.

CDP Streaming Edition with IBM is a key part of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) with IBM, a comprehensive edge-to-cloud streaming data platform that addresses the key data management challenges with streaming and Internet of Things (IoT) data for essentially all types of enterprises. As part of the CDF platform,  CDP Streaming Edition with IBM addresses key ingestion and stream processing use cases in streaming architectures at scale.

We have a series of live webcasts in the coming weeks to help you learn more about Cloudera Data Platform with IBM. The first of the series is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th at 11:30AM EST. You will learn:

  • Highlights of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud Plus with IBM
  • An overview of Cloudera Data Platform Streaming Edition with IBM
  • And why they’re essential in your quest to modernize data platforms, manage and analyze streaming data.

Register here.