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Announcing Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension 2.1

By Katherine Soohoo posted Tue February 21, 2023 12:10 PM


By Katherine Soohoo and Eric Radzinski

Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension 2.1, which was released on February 24th, provides Db2 for z/OS SQL application developers with some powerful new performance and ease-of-use capabilities.

Integration of new SQL analysis and tuning tools

Db2 Developer Extension 2.1 was developed in conjunction with a new release of Db2 Query Workload Tuner for z/OS that provides Db2 Developer Extension users with a host of new SQL analysis and tuning tools. 

Prior to this latest release of Db2 Developer Extension 2.1, the available SQL analysis and tuning features were limited to Capture Query Environment, Statistics Advisor, and Visual Explain. Now, with the capabilities provided by Db2 Query Workload Tuner 6.1, you have access to the following additional SQL performance tools directly from the Db2 Developer Extension interface:

  • Access Path Advisor

  • Access Path Comparison

  • Index Advisor

  • Query Rewrite Advisor

  • SQL Annotator

By enabling the extended set of SQL analysis and tuning features, you have a comprehensive set of tools for ensuring that your SQL runs as efficiently as possible.  For example, as shown in the following graphic, you can now generate access path recommendations and index recommendations to improve a single query’s performance:

 For more information about how Db2 Query Workload Tuner for z/OS 6.1 is integrated into Db2 Developer Extension, see Software requirements for using the SQL tuning features.

Catalog navigation 

In addition to the new set of SQL analysis and tuning features, the Db2 Developer Extension 2.1 interface has been significantly enhanced with the addition of robust Db2 catalog navigation capabilities. You can now easily search for, filter, and locate the storage groups, databases, tables, and schemas, that are associated with the SQL code that you write:

Remote development support

Lastly, for those who prefer to or have a requirement to use remote development environments, Db2 Developer Extension 2.1 includes support for creating a remote Db2 Developer Extension development environment. See Support for VS Code Remote Development for more information.

We hope you’ll take some time to explore and start using these new capabilities soon. As always, the latest version of the Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension is available free of charge from the Microsoft Visual Studio Code Marketplace.


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Tue November 07, 2023 01:49 AM

We are using Datastudio quite heavily for development of StoredProcedures and UserDefinedFunctions.
What still seems to lack is the support for UDFs in the VSCode Extension? (Or am I missing something?)
And, what would be quite important to replace Datastudio is the ability to deploy a complete set of StPs/UdFs (like in Datastudio - or even nicer: all in a folder - not seperate).
Any plans for that?