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Announcing IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension 1.4

By Katherine Soohoo posted Tue May 31, 2022 12:32 PM


By Katherine Soohoo and Eric Radzinski

Db2 Developer Extension 1.4.0 was released on May 31st in conjunction with Db2 13 for z/OS to provide day-one support for all of the SQL enhancements that are available in this latest major version of Db2.
At the top of this list is support for three AI scalar functions that were introduced as part of the new SQL Data Insights feature of Db2 13: AI_SIMILARITY, AI_SEMANTIC-CLUSTER, and AI_ANALOGY. SQL Data Insights enables you to easily identify hidden relationships across tables and views in your Db2 data to discover actionable insights for solving business problems. These new scalar functions form the core of the SQL Data Insights processing engine.
The following two figures demonstrates how support for the new scalar functions has been integrated into Db2 Developer Extension. Figure 1 shows how the Db2 Developer Extension code completion feature recognizes the new scalar functions, and figure 2 shows signature help for the new functions.

Figure 1. Code completion

Figure 2. Signature help

Other significant SQL-related enhancements that are delivered in Db2 13 include:

  • Support for the AS ROLE and AS USER options on the PACKAGE OWNER clause of the CREATE PROCEDURE (SQL – native) statement, which increases the flexibility for package ownership.
  • Support for the ALTER PARTITIONING TO PARTITION BY RANGE clause of the ALTER TABLE statement, which enables the online conversion of tables from growth-based partitions (PBGs) to range-based partitions (PBRs).
  • Support for the new CURRENT LOCK TIMEOUT special register, which increases the control that you have over how long an application waits for a lock timeout.

The following two figures demonstrate how these SQL elements have been integrated into Db2 Developer Extension.  Figure 3 shows how all of these new elements are represented in the context of Db2 Developer Extension syntax highlighting, and figure 4 shows how these new elements are properly formatted with Db2 Developer Extension SQL formatter.

Figure 3. Syntax highlighting

Figure 4. SQL formatter

In addition to day-one support for Db2 13, Db2 Developer Extension 1.4.0 includes the following significant  usability enhancements, all of which were requested by the Db2 Developer Extension user community:

  • The ability to customize SQL result set export options. This enhancement provides you with more flexibility to customize certain characteristics of your exported SQL results.
  • The ability to filter and sort columns on the current page of SQL result set. Filtering and sorting makes it easy to zero in on the results that matter most to you.
  • The ability to run SQL directly from your query history. This enhancement makes it easy to edit and re-run statements that you've already run.
  • Support for JDBC properties up to JDBC driver version 4.29.24.
  • The addition of links to SQL code explanations in the SQL Results view, which can help you to quickly access details about any SQL codes that are returned.

These user-requested enhancements and the support for the latest Db2 13 SQL enhancements combine to deliver some significant new functionality. See for yourself by downloading the latest version of Db2 Developer Extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.