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IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS: Observability with modern dashboards

By Kate Wheat posted Tue November 28, 2023 02:07 PM


By Bob Bersano, Kate Wheat, and Mac Gupta 

IBM Db2 Automation Expert for z/OS is a new product offering that helps with routine maintenance tasks. It provides the intelligence and automation necessary to ensure that your business is running optimally and without disruption.   

For example, one common challenge in maintaining Db2 subsystems is analyzing performance data for trends and insights. Consider real-time statistics: How do you effectively query this data to determine when maintenance tasks are needed? Or how do you get an overall picture of basic operations over a certain period of time, such as the number of INSERTs since the last REORG? 

Enter Db2 Automation Expert. This tool can stream operational information into easy-to-read modern dashboards. For example, the following simple dashboard shows the number and location of delete operations since the last time RUNSTATS updated statistics: 

These dashboards are just one of the features of this new tool. For more information about Db2 Automation Expert, see https://www.ibm.com/docs/daefz/1.1.0 and Elastic sample dashboards. Also, check out this video about Db2 Automation Expert

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Kate Wheat is a Senior Information Developer at Rocket Software. 

Mac Gupta is a Senior Director in Marketing at Rocket Software.