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Expanding Data Warehouse Capabilities for the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform (IBM Cloud Blog)

By Juliet Sigmann posted Wed March 27, 2019 11:57 AM


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You can now deploy both Flex and Flex Performance instances with the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform

Finding a truly elastic and scalable warehousing solution can make or break your business, especially as today’s data architectures become more and more complex. As companies continue to support new use cases, workload types, and locations, it’s clear that businesses need the freedom and flexibility to choose the right warehouse for the job. That’s why at the end of last year, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud introduced a new service plan—Flex—to complement its existing family of elastic data warehouses.

Between Flex and Flex Performance, your organization has the ability to deploy a fully scalable data warehouse-as-a-service optimized for either storage-dense or compute-heavy workloads. And now, with the newest improvement to the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform (HDMP), your organization can deploy both Flex and Flex Performance instances using your hybrid FlexPoint entitlement.

What this means for you

For those of you who may be hearing about the Hybrid Data Management Platform (HDMP) for the first time, this offering provides customers with a “hybrid entitlement” to the entire Db2 family of database technologies and cloud services through FlexPoints. FlexPoints are essentially credits that you can purchase and use to deploy any of the products included in the platform. Using a web console, you can adjust your FlexPoint deployments at any time, thereby providing your organization with the flexibility to scale across on-premise, private cloud, and/or public cloud data resources dynamically.

You can see the web console in action here:

The Hybrid Flex plan

With this new update, customers can now select the “Hybrid Flex” plan from the Db2 Warehouse on Cloud catalog for deployment as part of an HDMP subscription. Hybrid Flex is an exact replica of the Flex plan but configured for deployment as part of an HDMP Subscription. The Hybrid Flex service plan is ideal for development/test workloads or for handling less performance-intensive jobs. Alternatively, you can also use your FlexPoints to deploy a Hybrid Flex Performance instance to handle compute-heavy workloads for more frequently accessed data.

We hope that the choice between these two types of warehousing solutions will help you optimize your hybrid cloud architectures in terms of both performance and cost-savings. If you’re interested in getting started with a subscription to the Hybrid Data Management Platform, visit the IBM Marketplace to learn more!

Advisory Offering Manager, Db2