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The AI database is upon us (Big Data and Analytics Hub)

By Juliet Sigmann posted Thu February 14, 2019 08:41 AM 

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Director, Offering Management, Hybrid Data Management, IBM
Director Hybrid Data Management, IBM Analytics

As organizations get better at managing and using a wider variety of data, the more they will adopt and make use of AI. IBM General Manager for Data and AI Rob Thomas has said organizations can’t have effective AI without sound IA (Information Architecture). And one of the pillars of any IA is data management.

In this new era of data, databases are no longer considered the traditional system of record or datastore. Today, expectations are higher. Databases must be smarter. They should understand what is being searched and find the most relevant information while using the most optimized way to locate the data. As organizations try to become more nimble, they want a faster and simpler way to do analytics across these hybrid data stores without the expensive and time consuming efforts to copy, replicate, transform or move data, that is, no more extract, transform, load (ETL). They also must self-manage and self-heal, which reduces maintenance overhead. 

In other words, what’s needed is an AI-infused database. 

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