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Support for TEMPLATEs for COPY with Db2 Recovery Expert

By Jørn Thyssen posted Fri July 10, 2020 07:21 AM


Support for TEMPLATEs for COPY with Db2 Recovery Expert

Db2 Recovery Expert has an option to capture a new recovery base after running a recovery. Previously the COPY statements generated by Db2 Recovery Expert (ARY) would use explicitly allocated datasets with a sizing provided during customization.

With APAR PH25792 / PTF UI70358 ARY now supports the use of Db2 TEMPLATEs for the COPY statements. This offers more flexibility such as automatic allocation; ability to specify DFSMS DATACLAS or MGMTCLAS; and also support for template switching, e.g., for capturing big image copies to tape and small to DASD.

Step 1:
Use  option "0 Administration", then option "2 Register Db2 subsystems", select the subsystem, and then select option "4 Subsystem parameters".
On this panel enter the name of the library with the templates, the member name, and finally the template names you want to use.

ARY will fill in default name, but you can change them as needed.

In this case my template dataset only has a template for the local primary


Step 2:
In the recovery option you can specify that ARY should take image copies after the recovery. In this example I want a local primary image copy for both relevant table spaces and indexes:


In the generated recovery job the copy step will reference your TEMPLATE dataset and the COPY statement will reference the template names you specified