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Learn how to export assets

By Jordan Hodges posted Tue July 20, 2021 12:41 AM

Learn how to export assets

Exporting assets from Files

To export the assets of your project, make sure you have evaluated a file in your project. To check, look for any icons under the evaluation report or converted SQL tabs. If they are present then, you can export your assets. If not, evaluate your file(s) and convert your sql if necessary.

Next select the file(s) of the assets you would like to export by checking the boxes on left side.

This will bring up the file options tab. From here select Export Assets.

You can also export your assets in the evaluation report. In the top right corner, there is an export button. It functions identical to the one on the previous page.

Here you can choose what to export, the exported file name and location. Select the assets you wish to export, name the file, and select the export location and hit export.

(Note: if you do not have the assets to export you will be given a warning and will be unable to export any assets until the missing asset(s) is unselected.)

Exporting Assets from Overall Report

To export assets from the Overall Report first select the report by selecting the checkbox on the left side.

Then selected the formats you would like to export, name the file, and select the export location.